Milk Teeth – Starting the Novel

Drew is a stressed, fortysomething, ‘At Home Dad’ with confidence issues.  He has crash landed into an alien world – the domain of the mum – a place of breastfeeding, bottles, babies and banality.  Now Drew has a choice – either remain an alien male or slowly transform himself into a tomgirl.

As if this isn’t enough, a real alien ship has crash landed and the emerging creatures seem to enjoy sucking blood…

Only Drew can see them.  Luckily, he has discovered an artifact that will enable a few other people to witness the alien menace.  Who should he recruit ?  Will it be his Dream Woman ?  Will it be the local Science Fiction geek ?  Will it be someone from the government ?

The pressure is on…

… the fate of Drew’s small town is in his hands…

…and his daughter Chloe needs another nappy change.

This is it!  My first novel!  And I’m bunging it online as I write!  I’m either really stupid or incredibly brave.  Nevetheless, if I don’t write the novel this way then I’ll give up.  You see, I desperately need the support of readers who will threaten to physically beat me if I don’t continue the story to it’s conclusion.  This really will be a collaborative effort – with me in my underpants, punching random letters into my computer and you showing me a high level of contempt should I ever stop.  It sounds like a terribly abusive situation, so I will also accept glowing praise and cries of wonder whenever those letters happen to line up nicely.  Use carrots!  Use sticks!  Use whatever you can find in your arsenal to keep me doing this… please!  You really will be doing me a massive favour…

In return, you will be the first (if not the last) to see two adventures play out.  One story will focus on Drew, the protagonist of Milk Teeth, while the other drama will surround me and my keyboard as I write myself into corners and write myself out again.  Drew’s story is already a complete tale – but it’s in my head. These things always change from brain to screen and we can have fun delving into the Making of Milk Teeth as I go!

In all seriousness, if you like what you’re reading then please let me know, please tell your friends and please keep me motivated.  This is your chance to help a struggling writer with his own confidence issues… and should the whole story be finally told, you will be able to say proudly that you carried me to the end!

Milk Teeth is a great story with a little bit of everything.  It’s a romance.  It’s a drama.  It’s got a few scary bits and loads of humour.  Don’t worry if you’re not a fan of Science Fiction – the aliens are there as a comedic backdrop to the real story of Drew and serve as icing on an already rich wordcake. Yummy!

Right… fingers at the ready… Aaaaaaaand GO!

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