Prologue now available

Hurrah!  I’ve started… and I feel a bit sluggish already.  I love the story that I have in my head but the trick will be getting it out in a readable, exciting fashion.  Please have a read and let me know what you think.

I’m really not happy with some of the internal monologue but I’ve bunged it up as a ‘placeholder’ until I can come up with something better.  It’ll happen but if I wait then I’ll never get the thing going.  This is something that I’ve not thought about when writing a story in this way.  It’s all very public from day one…  so PLEEEEASE bear with me and just enjoy the process as a fun thing in itself.

…I promise that I will try to as well… 😉

As always, if you love it then I need PAYMENT –  I don’t mean in cash or alcohol (although the latter sounds quite nice…).  I mean payment in terms of support…  I really lack motivation and confidence but if I know people are reading Milk Teeth, being engaged by it and bringing other people in to read, then I can hopefully cvontinue until the full story is told.  Massive thanks in advance!

Loads a love,


2 thoughts on “Prologue now available

  1. I tried to write a novel online a while ago, but I found it can be hard to keep people interested when it’s happening so slowly. And also, new readers come in halfway through the story and go “What is this?”
    But I still think it’s a fantastic idea. Good luck with it!

    • Thanks. Yeah… it’s a long slog writing long form material isn’t it. I have to do something to keep me motivated though. Hopefully, a few people can band together and motivate each other. Perhaps the ‘Making of’ Milk Teeth will be the thing that keeps the discussion going… or at least inspires other writers.

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